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The pre purchase survey is the most comprehensive type of inspection and is advised when purchasing a used or new vessel.   What the surveyor does and  how it is done has a lot to do with his or her observational skills, experience and professional method of work.

Once I receive an assignment I spend time researching various sources to determine the history of the boat  model and any published  potential problems with the model.

On the scheduled day of the  inspection, I spend four to five hours (for a typical 30-40 ft. vessel) on the boat.

  • The boat  is inspected and evaluated for structural integrity both in and out of the water.
  • The condition  of  the electrical,  plumbing,  and mechanical systems,  fuel tanks, and all other equipment is inspected.
  • Compliance with U. S. Coast Guard  safety  regulations is  checked.
  • If a sea trial is performed  this could add at least another hour.
  • No tools are used to remove partitions or bulkheads.  Locked compartments or otherwise inaccessible areas also preclude inspection and we will not accept responsibility for the condition of components hidden in or by them.

The following day I will spend four to five hours writing up the survey report. I strive to deliver the final report as a .pdf  file within 48 hours of the completion of the field work.  Insurance and lenders accept pre purchase surveys since they are the most comprehensive survey.