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Call or email for a quote based on your needs and requirements.

Marine Survey pricing is dependent upon the type of survey requested as well as the, location, age and size of the vessel.  Pre purchase surveys are the most detailed and therefore require a higher fee.  Insurance surveys generally do not require sea trials and not always out of the water inspection. As a result they are priced less.

Payment in advance is advised in order to lock in a scheduled date.  Credit card  payments can be made in advance via PayPal over the internet.   Checks or cash are accepted at the survey site.  There is no additional charge for travel within a 60 mile radius of Saratoga Springs, NY.

Time and additional expenses can be saved by preparing the vessel for inspection by clearing miscellaneous equipment from lockers and cabin areas to make the vessel more accessible. For a complete assessment of the systems  batteries must be charged and shore power available.  If a sea trial is requested the owner or their assigned captain needs to be available to operate the vessel.

I advise you to view a sample survey in order to see the scope and detail of my services.